portrait Retouching

Services include:

  • Basic skin retouching, blemish and line removal/reduction

  • Skin colour correction/redness removal

  • Shine removal, bloodshot eye removal

  • Facial reshaping

  • Reshaping/refilling of hair/eyebrows/facial hair

  • Teeth whitening

  • Removal of light glare from glasses and spectacles

creative retouching

Services include:

  • Detailed skin retouching, blemish and line removal/reduction/skin colour correction, shine removal, bloodshot eye removal

  • Body reshaping

  • Face swap/adjustment

  • Overall colour correction and balance of photograph

  • Colour change (ie clothing)

  • Object/person removal/addition

  • Creative edit to enhance image


Services include:

  • Background replacement/removal

  • Product photography image preparation